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Why Suppliers Use TenderBoard

Established since 2015, TenderBoard has helped suppliers with their tendering process, from finding new business opportunities to data analytics and invoicing. We continually upgrade our platform to provide greater value to our customers.


TenderBoard aggregates 30+ open tender sites on a daily basis. Keep track of ongoing deals on our platform.

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TenderBoard buyers release exclusive deals on Supplier Portal which allows suppliers to bid and get new leads.

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Data matters when it comes to performance. Analyze your tender data and build a winning strategy with us.

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Appoint us as your eInvoice provider and we will handle the registration onto PEPPOL for you.

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TenderBoard empowers its suppliers’ financial capabilities through a curated scheme to bring more possibilities.

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Trusted By Leading Organizations

TenderBoard Supplier Portal helps you keep track of your deals and tender status. Our customers leverage the platform data for better performance in their next tender bidding.

How does TenderBoard Help Suppliers

From 2015, TenderBoard Supplier Portal has served as a central source for suppliers to access, view and filter deals across multiple Open Tender sites. View list of sites here.

Access tender data from the last 7 years to understand your industry’s tendering patterns, buyers’ purchasing cycles and price trends.

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Find tendering best practices in TenderBoard’s resource guides to help you tender better. Learn strategies to increase your ROI on tenders.

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TenderBoard eBook Ultimate Guide to Tendering is a step by step guide to bidding for deals and highlights the best practices any company can leverage. Bonus resources are available in the eBook for your download.